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Cleveland Event

Wine, Wedges, and Ryder Cup!

Come and get fitted for the newest wedges from Cleveland Golf! Brian Smith from the Cleveland Golf Company will be here to answer all of your questions. Enjoy some beverages and watch the finals of the Ryder Cup on our large televisions.

September 30th, from 12pm-5pm at our location: 3690 Burnette Park Dr Suite A, Suwanee, GA 30024

Bill Baraban's Academy ForeGolf

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The Southeast's Best Golf Learning Facility

Bill Baraban, PGA Master Professional, with over 30 years of experience in Instruction and Clubfitting, has created the premier indoor teaching academy in the North Atlanta area! Our Academy is The Cool Clubs fitting facility for Atlanta and the Southeast. Research Coolclubs and you will see we are the industry leader in Club Fitting and Top 100 Golf Digest fitters. Bill is one of the few PGA Professionals in the United States who is not only a Master Professional, but also a Master Club Fitter, Section Teacher of the Year and Top 100 Club Fitter. Our 4,500+ square foot facility has two ForeGolf simulators, Edel putter and wedge Certified Fitter, Trackman 4 Simulator, and a 30' x 20' putting green. We instruct golfers ages 10-90+ and all levels of play.

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"People need to know who to go to for golf instruction. It is very hard to find the right golf teacher-mainly because it costs you a good bit of money to find out he isn't the right guy. Overall, I'm not sure that I would have believed that 1 lesson with you could yield a 12-14% gain in distance. I can't wait to see what happens after actually getting a little practice in! Thanks so much for your help." - John Rainey

"Boy do I have a story for you, sit back and grab a chair this is a good one. I thoroughly enjoyed my lesson a few weeks ago and I thought I was happy then to reconnect with you but after yesterday on the course I can't wait to further my game. I only play about 6-8 times a year, I always want to play more but life seems to get in the way, the past week I've played 3 times and yesterday, (Monday 5/11) was just one of the many charity tournaments I was scheduled to play in. These are always fun since the majority are scrambles and you get to play the best ball so if I mess up no worries I have 3 teammates to pick me up. Well yesterday was a whole different story when all 3 other members of my team were no shows and I was on my own as a one man team. The beauty of this was I was allowed to play four balls so I couldn't think of a better way to practice our latest lesson. To make a long story short I was 7 under after 9 holes and knew nobody would believe how incredible I was playing including an eagle on a very tricky par 5. If I made a bad shot I thought of our lesson and made an adjustment and other than some tough greens and a few difficult holes I wound up -10 for the round and even won closest to the pin on a 165 yard par 3 into the wind with a nice easy 6 iron that stuck within 5 feet. On some holes I didn't even need the 2nd shot let alone the 3rd or 4th. When my lesson worked the results were nothing short of PGA like, amazing shots that I use to only hit once in a while. I felt comfortable with the new swing and confident that I could make the shots. Thank you again so much for advancing my game and I know this is only the beginning, I can't wait to schedule my next lesson and see the results, your title of Master PGA Teacher hits the nail on the head and I can't thank you enough." - Christopher "Crash" Clark Traffic Reporter 11 Alive

"I went to Bill for a full bag fitting on Friday. To begin, I am an 18 handicap with many issues that go beyond poorly fitted clubs. I had no expectations with my fitting but left after 4 hours with more confidence then I ever dreamed of when I scheduled the meeting. It was clear to Bill that to fit me appropriately, there were several changes in fundamentals. We spent 20-30 minutes working on softening my grip and turning my hands over at impact. We worked on several drills and I was suddenly hitting the ball square. We then worked on increasing club head spread and I was driving the ball 20 yards further and straighter. It took him 40 minutes and was probably the best lesson I ever had. It just made sense. He was able to show me my swing on the simulator, show the data including speed, impact angle, etc and show that subtle changes make a great difference. All of this in a climate controlled environment. The club fitting was amazing. I haven't received the clubs yet but am very excited for them to arrive. Cool clubs looks at all manufactures and shafts and fits you precisely to your swing. No more demo days swinging one manufactures stock options. In one fitting, you get to the exact club and shaft for you. I can not begin to express my enjoyment and pleasure in the fitting turned lesson. I recommend them unequivocally. To conclude, the day after my fitting, I played 9 holes (I was sore after a full fitting and had to cut it at 9). I dropped 3 strokes on my average and enjoyed the consistency." - Robert Clemons

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