Baraban’s Academy ForeGolf is happy to launch our new online home!  New info and resources will continue to be added in the coming weeks. There have been quite a few changes at our Academy lately, so we will do our best to keep you up to date on all of […]

Welcome to Baraban's Academy Fore Golf's new website!

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Due to switching phone service providers, our phone number has changed.  Our new number is: 470-589-1230 Thanks!

Our phone number has changed!

Hey all! I put this video together to show how I start the putting improvement process utilizing a few different pieces of technology here at the Academy. Part of the video is me talking to fellow TrackMan owners, but other parts of it show some of the things I look […]

Putting Analysis with Trackman Performance Studio

Greetings all! Last week I took an opportunity to do some ‘less-than-university-grade’ wedge testing to see how the different on-hand wedges we have at Cool Clubs matched up to me.  What I’d like everyone to keep in mind – these are the results for the way I, Peter T. Weber, […]

Pete’s Wedge Testing

Want to gain some interesting insight into your ‘Golfer Personality’? Follow the link below to take our free AVID profile.  We will email you the results! Thanks!

Learn your Golfer Personality with our AVID Profile

The BAFG Player evaluation is designed to be a comprehensive analysis of the players mind, body, swing and club performance.  By looking at different areas of your game, we can then design a learning program to help get you on track to achieving YOUR goals in this great game of […]

Having a difficult time figuring out what you need to ...

Pete penned an article for TrackMan’s Blog covering the usage of the ‘Consistency’ reading on their reports. Follow the link below to check it out:

Check out Pete’s article on TrackMan’s Blog

The new PXG 0311T irons have hit the lineup at Cool Clubs Atlanta! Call 404-998-0211 to schedule a fitting! Semper Fi, Pete

PXG 0311 & 0311T now available!

Combine Overview from TrackMan on Vimeo. Ask any TrackMan user about the Combine, and most will tell you that it can be a great tool for baselining a student and tracking their learning.  Over the course of 60 shots, patterns will appear and those patterns can be very revealing.  The […]

TrackMan Combine – Digging Deeper