Pete’s Wedge Testing


Greetings all!

Last week I took an opportunity to do some ‘less-than-university-grade’ wedge testing to see how the different on-hand wedges we have at Cool Clubs matched up to me.  What I’d like everyone to keep in mind – these are the results for the way I, Peter T. Weber, hit the shots used.  Individual results may vary!

Wedge Testing

Purpose – To analyze spin rates and launch angles at 30 and 60 yards.

Testing Procedure – Shots were hit until at 5 shots landed within approximately 3 yards of target distance.  After testing was completed, any shots that had estimated spin rates were removed from data. At least 3 shots for each club had to be valid.

Comments from the tester, Pete Weber: The purpose of this test was not to identify what was the best wedge.  It was simply to identify what the characteristics of each wedge were.  Players should look at this data to see what might work with how they like to hit their wedge shots. I used my mid-pitch technique for all shots. My tendency has always to hit my sub-60 yard wedge shots on the toe of the club.  60 yards and out, I tend to be low and more toward the middle of the face.  Is that the right way? I don’t know if you can say yes or no to that question. Each person has their preference. And if it works for the person, then stick with it.


-All wedges were 56 degrees with anywhere between 10-14 degrees of bounce.

-Each wedge was tested with a new NXT Tour S.

-Each wedge was sprayed with Dr. Scholl’s foot spray to monitor contact point.

-All shots were hit indoors off a mat.

-TrackMan 4 was used for all data collection.

-Only shots landing within approximately 3 yards of target distance were used when possible.


-Sole grind.

-Player hitting shots (I tried my best to repeat technique!).

-Shafts were different in each wedge.

-Some of the wedges had been hit before.  None had significant wear, though.


30 Yard Averages

30 yard averages

60 Yard Averages

60 yard averages

Spin Rankings

30 Yards

30 spin rankings

60 Yards

60 yard spin rankings

Total Spin Rankings

Total Spin Rankings

Launch Rankings

30 Yards

30 yard launch rankings

60 Yards

60 yard launch rankings

Total Launch Rankings

total launch rankings