Epic Pro vs. 0311T vs. Z765

Callaway Epic Pro vs. PXG 0311T vs. Srixon Z765

With some of the new product coming out, I decided to do a quick comparison of the new Callaway Epic Pro irons alongside the PXG0311T and Srixon Z765.

The Facts:

-All heads were hit with the same Dynamic Gold Tour Issue X100.

-Callaway Epic Pro 6 iron loft was measured at 26 degrees.

-PXG 0311T 6 iron loft was measured at 28 degrees.

-Srixon Z765 6 iron loft was measured at 28.5.

-All shots were hit with the 2017 Titleist ProV1x.


The new Callaway Epic Pro has a sleek, yet familiar look.  From the top it looks very similar to the design of the old Razr Forged heads from a few years back.  Feel wise, they don’t feel like a forged cavity back nor do they feel like a cast cavity back.  Overall it is a unique feel and sound that isn’t too shabby.

The PXG irons still win in the feel department for me, though.  The elastomer in the head really does help them feel like nothing else on the market.

I threw the Z765 into the mix, as recently I’ve had some people get some really good results from them.  For people in the market for new irons, they are worth a look.

Now for the results:




There are a lot of new, good options out on the market these days.  Above is just a snapshot of a few of the options!

Let us know what you think!

Semper Fi,